Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excuse To Eat Popcorn and Junior Mints: Cop Out

Last week I posted about how psyched I was for the new comedy film Cop Out. I stated that a film starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan was practically a guaranteed laugh riot and as I was writing the post I thought to myself "watch this post be a curse and I'll wind up not liking the movie that much". Well, curse or not, the movie unfortunately fell pretty flat. Perhaps I just had too high expectations for this film (much like I did with Zoolander) or perhaps the movie simply isn't that great. I got a few chuckles out of it because you can't help but laugh at some of Tracy Morgan's antics, but this was not the knee slapper I hoped it would be. The fact that there was an insanely rude couple talking throughout the film didn't really aid in my enjoyment (not unlike my experience with The Wolfman), but even complete silence in the theater wouldn't have helped save this film.

Save your money and your time and don't bother with Cop Out. All the funny parts are in the below trailer:

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