Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cherry Orchards On A Cold Lake

Celtic Frost is considered an incredibly important band in extreme metal history and rightfully so, but I've never been a huge fan. I own almost all of their albums and will listen to them on occasion and find them enjoyable; however, I simply don't get into them as much as other people. Their 1988 album Cold Lake is considered to be a huge professional and commercial failure by most students and lovers of metal because the band "sold out" and went for a more glam look and sound that was all the rage at the time. [See the above picture for solid evidence as to why their fanbase was pretty upset....Metallica cutting their hair has nothing on that.] The video for the first single from Cold Lake, "Cherry Orchards", was my first exposure to Celtic Frost. I remember very clearly my friend and I thinking the video and the song were so bad when we saw it on Headbanger's Ball, that we actually liked it. We would walk around singing the chorus aloud and then laugh our asses off. Sure the song was bad, but it had the desired effect of any got stuck in our heads and made us want to own the album.

I personally think Tom G. Warrior should loosen up and own this part of Celtic Frost's history. Better bands have made worse mistakes after all.

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