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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday March 23, 2010 New Music

I've been a Dillinger Escape Plan fan since their Under The Running Board EP came out in 1998. The band has weathered lineup changes, injuries and controversy (at least within metal circles) throughout the course of their career and kept coming back stronger on each new release. While some people griped that their last album Ire Works was too "commercial" sounding, I thought it was their best album to date. Their new album Option Paralysis comes out today and from what I've heard it is the next logical step in their musical evolution. A no-brainer of a purchase most certainly.

Back in January, the Scorpions announced their retirement. Sting In The Tail is their final release and will be followed by 3 years of world wide touring. I'm assuming (and hoping) that when they tour they will be paying close attention to their monster hits from the 80's and early 90's and not concentrating too heavily on promoting the new album, but that isn't too say that I don't think the new album will be any good. I own almost all of the Scorpions 90's and 2000's output and the albums I do own are really good. Klause Meine is an incredible singer and Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs are incredible guitar players, so I'm sure the album has at least a few songs that will be a treat for fans of the band.

[Check out the cameos in the below EPK from The Gossip, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Andreas Kisser from Sepultura.]

Six Gallery is a band that a buddy of mine turned me onto a few months ago. If Minus The Bear is your thing, then you should check this band out.

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