Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sadly, The Cover Is Probably Better Than The Music

The above is the artwork for the forthcoming self-titled Stone Temple Pilots album. Is it just me or does that image say "THIS ALBUM IS GOING TO SUCK"......

If the artwork hasn't completely scared you off, then you can hear the first single "Between The Lines" at the Rock It Out! Blog. The blogger, Sami Jaroush (who used to be a VJ on there is a real claim to fame) seems to be pretty nuts about the song, but I'm not impressed. It is certainly not awful, but it just sounds like a retread of earlier STP material and like they phoned it in during the writing process.

I didn't expect that the band's comeback record would top Core, Purple or even No. 4, but I was hoping it would be better than the hit or miss Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop and the generally bland Shangri-LA DEE DA. Based on the first single, I think it will just be another average (possibly even below average) record from a once great rock band. On the bright side, at least a new Stone Temple Pilots record is better than another Scott Weiland solo record or Velvet Revolver record.

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