Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Someone Untied & True Like You

My earlier post about Steelheart got various 80's hair metal hits running through my head and eventually led me to Bang Tango. I think most people who were paying attention to hair metal would qualify Bang Tango as a one hit wonder for their song "Someone Like You". Definitely a great song, but I remember fairly clearly a video from their second album for the song "Untied & True". I can still hum it to myself and I haven't heard it in over 17 years, so I'd say it must have been moderately catchy as well. I have their debut album Psycho Cafe, but I have only listened to it once and that was a very long time ago. I've found that quite a few hair metal albums that I initially dismissed years ago when the genre was in its prime have actually aged quite well and that when I listen to them with a fresh perspective they can turn out to be really awesome (the Bulletboys excellent self-titled debut and the early Dokken catalog being perfect examples of this), so I'm going to give the album a spin and see what I think. In the meantime, enjoy two Bang Tango songs I know are good:

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