Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Will I Be Justified In Watching This?

Justified is a new series premiering tonight on FX. FX, in my opinion, has established a very good track record with original series (The Shield, Sons Of Anarchy, Damages, Rescue Me, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Riches and even Nip/Tuck before that series jumped the shark in a major way), so it feels like a no-brainer to give this a shot. If you haven't seen the above trailer or any of the other ones, then you can read a description of the series here. Basically, it appears to be the story of a bad ass lawman named Raylan Givens with some skeletons in his closet (played by Timothy Olyphant who nailed more or less the same role on Deadwood) returning to his hometown and entering into a conflict with a former associate of his named Boyd Crowder who is now a bank robber (played by Walton Goggins who was beyond excellent as Shane, the bad guy you loved to love on The Shield).

And for you literary enthusiasts, it might be of interest for you to know that the character of Raylan Givens was actually created by famous writer Elmore Leonard.

I have high expectations for this show and hope they are met!

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