Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Technical Difficulties With New Deftones Single Download Fixed

As a follow up to the below post, I received the following email from Warner Bros. Records customer service regarding the technical difficulties downloading the single:

Dear Deftones Fan:

We apologize, due to overwhelming demand; our site was experiencing technical difficulties last night. This has been fixed and if you visit deftones.com you will be able to complete your download.

There is no code necessary, please refresh the page or clear your internet cookies if you do not see the download now prompt.

Warner Bros Records Online Customer Support

Hit the link in the above email, right click on "DOWNLOAD NOW" and you are off to the races. Interesting to note that the original format asked for your email address and an opt-in for future email newsletters about the Deftones as well as your country of residence before you could retrieve the single and that is all now completely removed.

Good stuff!

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