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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dave and Dave Reunited

In the "AWESOME" news department, MetalSucks gives word that Dave Ellefson, Jr. has rejoined Megadeth as their bassist (technically I heard via my friend Pat's Facebook update first though). Ellefson was always the mainstay in Dave Mustaine's ever changing Megadeth lineups up until 2002 when he quit the band. The post-Ellefson material has been alright, but it has never felt quite right without him in the band as he played on all of Megadeth's classic albums (of which there are a few). Now I'm even more bummed that the Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour isn't coming near New York City. Seeing Mustaine play Rust In Peace in its entirety with Ellefson on bass would be amazing (not to mention Testament and Exodus are the openers for that tour). I'm hoping their newly rekindled friendship/business relationship holds together through the summer so that I can see Ellefson play with them on the American Carnage Tour with Slayer and Testament.

Ellefson replaces current Megadeth bassist James Lomenzo who was previously in Black Label Society and before that played in White Lion. That would be awesome if this somehow facilitated a reunion of the original White Lion lineup, but that apparently isn't very likely.

"Holy Wars...The Punishment Due"

"In My Darkest Hour"

"Wake Up Dead"


DFactor said...

Bring back Marty and Nick too!

DICK TUDOR said...

Screw that...bring back Jeff Young and Chuck Behler haha!