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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Records Jesus Would Dip His Balls In

The Vatican newspaper (L'Osservatore Romano) recently released their top ten pop/rock records of all-time list:

1. Revolver (The Beatles)
2. If I Could Only Remember My Name (David Crosby)
3. The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd)
4. Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)
5. The Nightfly (Donald Fagen)
6. Thriller (Michael Jackson)
7. Graceland (Paul Simon)
8. Achtung Baby (U2)
9. (What's The Story) Morning Glory? (Oasis)
10. Supernatural (Carlos Santana)

There is definitely an inappropriate (and hilarious) joke about child molestation and Catholic priests regarding the inclusion of a Michael Jackson record on this list, but I'm not going there. I own half of the list (#1, #3, #4, #8 and #9) and have to say this list is surprisingly hip and a head scratcher at the same time. Donald Fagen? David Crosby? To be fair, I've never heard the albums, so who am I to judge, but just surprising to see those names included.

I'm also assuming that inclusion on this list means that all the artists are getting into heaven which is good news because I've sinned a hell...err, I mean heck of a lot less than Oasis or David Crosby or the members of Fleetwood Mac (and probably everyone else on the list), so I'm thinking I've got a pretty good shot with St. Peter when my number gets called.

I wonder if Stryper and Lifehouse are bummed out they didn't make the cut though? I'll give 'em some love here. I'm such a good Catholic.

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