Monday, February 8, 2010

Die Yuppie Scum

Since I've already done two posts about commercials today, I figured why not do a third!

Every year, at least one commercial or advertising campaign comes along that really raises my ire. Last year it was Toyota's maddening "Saved By Zero" campaign (which I believe they are currently receiving a karmic bite in the ass for with their recall woes) and this year it is the Chase Sapphire commercials. Technically this campaign started last year, but I didn't really get fully aggravated by it until this year when the second commercial in the campaign went into heavy rotation. The commercials feature a yuppie (for lack of a better term) couple who are living a more than comfortable lifestyle and discussing or taking part in what appear to be expensive vacations.

The first commercial:

This commercial bugs me because I don't think there are too many husbands/boyfriends out there who would just smile and laugh if their wife/girlfriend went ahead and used accumulated points on a joint credit card to purchase an evening dress instead of seeing if maybe the husband had plans to use the points to go on a nice vacation together. I mean how selfish is she? And lest you think I am being sexist, if the commercial featured the husband buying a set of golf clubs without conferring with his wife first, then I would feel the same way. I found this commercial to be fairly stupid, but then it was followed up with this commercial:

How annoying is the wife? And how stupid is the entire premise of the commercial? Who would actually have that conversation? And who would take their cell phone on a ski lift? And is this really a wise advertising campaign to have in the middle of an economic crisis? Doesn't Chase realize most people are not relating to nor admiring this couple? And most importantly, does anyone believe that you could call ANY credit card company and not have to push 800 BUTTONS to get through to an operator?!?!?!??!?!? Not buying it! This commercial drives me NUTS! The mere site of this couple sends me into a minor rage.

When I become a multi-millionare I will never use a Chase Sapphire credit card and might even use some of my money to buy billboards that mock them for this advertising campaign.


Hutan said...

I've been trying to will this couple off my TV for the past few months. Horrendous human beings.

DICK TUDOR said...

I bet people forget they are actors and get angry with them when they see them in public.