Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The New Ratt Song Is Good...No, Seriously It Really Is

A couple weeks ago, my buddy was on Twitter/Facebook saying that the new Ratt album was amazing. I never thought any of Ratt's albums were "amazing", but their greatest hits package is certainly worth owning because they do have some fantastic songs in their catalog.

Roadrunner Records has put up Ratt's new single "Best Of Me" on their website and I have to admit that the song is definitely in line with the Ratt hits of old and is quite frankly downright enjoyable. I'm curious to see if the whole albums winds up being "amazing" like my friend swears it is, but I'm dubious considering my opinion of their previous albums being a couple hits surrounded by filler. Either way, at least we are getting another awesome Ratt song to enjoy (and did you ever think you'd be saying that in the year 2010?).

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