Monday, February 8, 2010

Craving Snickers and The Who, But Not Doritos or Bud Light

"Mike, you're playing like Betty White out there!"

"That's not what your girlfriend says."

Last night's Superbowl commercials were disappointing across the board with the exception of the above Snickers commercial which I thought was pretty darn hilarious. You really can't go wrong with Betty White and Abe Vigoda as your celebrity endorsements.

The David Letterman promo really surprised me with the inclusion of Jay Leno. Great PR move on Leno's part, but surprising that Letterman invited him to do it (the spot was Letterman's idea) considering their history and Letterman's recent tirades against Leno. They were discussing it this morning on Howard Stern and apparently Letterman also wanted to include Conan, but the logistics weren't going to work out, so they scrapped that idea.

The rest of the advertisers' commercials were largely forgettable with the exception of Bud Light and Doritos, but that is simply because of the sheer volume of advertising those two products had. Actually, the one Doritos commercial where the guy was hiding in a coffin buried in a pile of Doritos watching TV really stood out to me because it was borderline offensive. I can't imagine that many people were laughing at the thought of a guy who would fake his own death to hide in a coffin eating Doritos and watching TV. If somebody like that really exists, then I hope they never reproduce. Personally, this commercial makes me never want to eat Doritos again.

The Bud Light commercial with T-Pain is one that I have a feeling will wind up being popular even though I found it to be particularly stupid. I will admit that I cannot stand Bud Light, but that doesn't necessarily make me averse to their advertising as they have had some fairly funny commercials in the past. This one is a tremendous failure in the humor department though.

Besides the commercials, the other main (dis)attraction aside from the actual game itself was the halftime show. The Who were the musical guests this year and I really enjoyed their performance. Sure, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend look like absolute hell and Keith Moon and John Entwistle are arguably irreplaceable, but they came out and played some classics and played them well. Lots of people have been saying they sucked and music industry pundit Bob Lefsetz went so far as to say that they were "Lame. Killed classic rock overnight.", but I completely disagree. I'd rather wheel out some aging rockers who play and sing live than suffer through some mindless, soulless performance by a pop act like The Black Eyed Peas.

And then there was the game itself. Being neither partial to the Colts nor the Saints, I was simply rooting for a good game and felt like we got one. I felt a little sorry for Peyton Manning, but am happy for the city of New Orleans. Combine the first Saints Superbowl victory with the beginning of Mardi Gras next Tuesday and NOLA is going to make Sodom and Gomorrah look like Salt Lake City, UT these next few weeks.

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