Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maybe It'll Finally Not Be No No No For Me And The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4 weeks from today I will find out whether or not the universe is truly operating against me in my quest to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live.

First, let me tell you how my love of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs started. One night in 2003 while killing some time before a work event, I wondered into a Tower Records (R.I.P.) and noticed that this band whose video for a song called 'Maps' I had seen a week or two earlier had their album Fever To Tell on one of the listening stations. I grabbed the headphones and started listening to the first 30 seconds to one minute of each song. It was love at first listen and I've been a fan ever since.

Back to my adventures in trying to see them live...I've had plans to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in concert a few times in the past and every single time something has arisen that prevents me from going to the show: person who was supposed to go with me flakes, I'm out of town, something suddenly comes up that is more pressing and so on and so forth. The most recent example was when I purchased tickets for their 9/23 show at Radio City Music Hall. [I'll skip the part about how Ticketmaster toyed with my emotions by denying me tickets and then denying me good seats before finally giving me orchestra seats.] I was in a good mood about having pretty decent seats and was happy about the fact that the show was in the same week that I would be seeing Gojira and Burst at Music Hall of Williamsburg, U2 at Giants Stadium and Sunny Day Real Estate at Terminal 5. About a week later I got an email from Ticketmaster informing me that U2 was moving their show to the 23rd because of something to do with the NY Jets (J-E-T-S JETS! S-U-C-K SUCK!)...the same night as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Radio City. Seeing as how I had tickets to U2 with three other people and well, it is frickin' U2, there was really no debate about whose show I would be going to. I just couldn't believe that I was being cock blocked from seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again. A day or two later, it was announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be playing a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on 9/29. Miraculously, I was able to get tickets for this show (my ticket buying karma is marginal at best, so this was truly a shock). And just today, it was announced that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will also be playing the Austin City Limits Festival (in Austin, duh) just three days after the Music Hall show. I coincidentally was already planning on attending the ACL Fest, so now I MAY get to see the band twice in one week. Only time will tell if I am finally getting to see this band live or if the universe is getting ready to have a good chuckle at my expense. Either way, I'll be happy getting to see them or laughing if I get denied again because if you can't laugh at that kind of stuff, then you are taking life way too seriously.

Some Yeah Yeah Yeahs videos for your viewing and listening pleasure:


"Cheated Hearts":


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