Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ear Candy Classic: Scorpions "Crazy World"

The Scorpions, along with a wealth of delicious beers, chocolates and a couple swimsuit models, are one of Germany's finest exports. Some folks may scoff at the assertion, but the band has over 75 millions albums sold worldwide to support that claim. Probably their most widely recognized song is "Rock You Like A Hurricane" from the excellent 1984 album Love At First Sting; however, 1990 saw them release not only another huge single in "Wind Of Change", but a front to back winner of an album in Crazy World. Not bad for a band on their eleventh studio album and in their 25th(!) year of existence at the time. Has beens they were (are) not.

"Wind Of Change" is the most well known song from the album, but the other singles "Tease Me Please Me", "Don't Believe Her" and "Send Me An Angel" are arguably even better album highlights. My personal favorite track is "Hit Between The Eyes", but that's just my opinion. Again, the album is great from start to finish and is certainly one of the highlights of the Scorpions discography. It is not their best album though as I think think that honor is in a tie between Lovedrive and Blackout, but if you were curious about the Scorpions and started with this album, then you wouldn't be left feeling unsatisfied.

[Normally, I'd embed the videos for you to check out, but UMG, the label that released the album, is the only source on YouTube for most of the original videos from this album and they have embedding disabled. Just click the links and you can check out the songs.]

"Wind Of Change"

"Tease Me Please Me"

"Send Me An Angel"

"Don't Believe Her"

"Hit Between The Eyes"

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