Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Old People / Those Crazy Kids

I just got back from a trip to Best Buy to purchase the new A.F.I. and Alice In Chains albums. On the top floor near the cell phone accessories was a display ad for the new Mariah Carey album. It was a variation of the above picture (I couldn't find the exact picture online, but it was the same outfit minus the print and a slightly different pose). Mariah debuted in 1990 at the age of 20. 29 years later and she is still running around in her underwear striking sexy poses (with obvious photoshop action happening) to try and sell records? Really? She obviously isn't a bad looking woman, but at this point we are all numb to the sight of her cleavage and abs. It's like Playboy putting Pamela Anderson on the cover for the 1000th time...no one cares because we've all seen her naked about 10,000,000 times. Put on some clothes Mariah and start acting like an adult. Class up your image...you can be sexy without looking like every other cookie cutter 20 something pop star that you influenced. Of course when this album tanks, the label and Mariah will blame it on internet piracy and not the fact that nobody cares about her anymore.

Another thing that (unfortunately) caught my eye at Best Buy was an album cover on one of the endcaps. There is a relatively new genre of music called "crunkcore" which is crunk/hip-hop mixed with hardcore. It is widely panned as being complete and utter crap (and from what I've heard, deservedly so), but it has a loyal following and some of the bands are actually shifting units. I'm assuming all the fans are 12 - 14 and will grow out of it pretty fast (hey, we all make some poor musical choices at that age), but I've done such a good job of avoiding the genre that I had managed to never see an image of one of the bands involved. Brokencyde is, I believe, the biggest band in the genre. Check out the album cover above. Don't you just want to kick those kids in the nuts? If you are thinking to yourself "How bad could it really be?", then all you need to do is watch the below video. If you make it longer than 45 seconds, then you are a stronger person than me.....

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