Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Programming The DVR For Fall '09

As another Labor Day passes and another Fall season begins, pop culture addicts such as myself begin to salivate over the return of our beloved television shows. And not only do shows we already love come back to entertain us, but we are introduced to a slew of new shows (90% of which will be canceled, eg. this one), some of which could possibly be added to our list of must sees for next season. So, yes I am psyched for the return of, among others, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mad Men (already started), Top Chef (already started), Sons Of Anarchy, The Office, Bones, 30 Rock, Lost (early next year) and of course NFL Football (GO SKINS!), but there are a couple new shows that I am going to give a go and see if they captivate me enough to make me a regular viewer. Some have "guilty pleasure" written all over them (I'm looking at you Melrose Place), but most look like they have potential to be pretty solid new comedies, dramas or engaging action/sci-fi (and that's coming from someone who never watched Battlestar Galactica and couldn't pick a Klingon out of a lineup).

Melrose Place (I hear you laughing, but whatever, like you didn't love the original too.):

Flash Forward:


Bored To Death:


Accidentally On Purpose:

Fringe (yes, this is Season 2, so obviously it is not a new series, but it will be new to me as I did not watch Season 1):

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