Thursday, September 10, 2009

Say It Ain't Sussudio!!!

In news that probably only I care about, UK's Daily Mirror revealed today in an exclusive piece that Phil Collins is permanently retiring from playing drums due to a spine injury. Apparently it is so bad that he can't even hold his drum sticks when seated at a drum stool. Damn. Joke and snicker all you want about how Phil Collins sucks, but you know you love at least two of his solo hits and if you are a serious music fan, then you certainly appreciate his work in Genesis. The guy was a damn good drummer. I would guess this news squashes any hope of him ever touring again either solo or with Genesis. I mean, if the injury is so bad that he can't sit at a drum stool, then I can't imagine running around on stage singing for a couple hours would be any easy task. At least Phil can be happy that he enjoyed some renewed popularity with a new generation thanks to 2007's Cadbury campaign. Who would have figured that gorillas and Phil Collins would sell chocolate (and yes, Cadbury did report a spike in sales after the commercial became a hit).

"In The Air Tonight" Live

Phil Collins being \m/ with Black Sabbath: "Paranoid"

"Against All Odds" Live from Live Aid '85 [He doesn't play drums on this, but it is a great song. Notice he misses a note on the piano and has a chuckle about was the 80's, so I'm sure he was not exactly, uh, sober.]

"Another Day In Paradise"

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