Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday June 1, 2010 New Music

The Futureheads "The Chaos"
I'm a big fan of The Futureheads self-titled debut and sophomore follow up News And Tributes, but I never got around to checking out their third album This Is Not The World. I noticed the band is playing a club about 10 minutes from my house which put them back on my radar and I discovered they are putting out their fourth album, The Chaos. I figure it couldn't hurt to check it out and see if these guys are still fine purveyors of a fun punk/mod rock sound.

How To Destroy Angels "How To Destroy Angels"
How To Destroy Angels is Trent Reznor's first post-Nine Inch Nails project. You can get their self-titled EP for FREE on their website. The price to check it out is certainly right, so why not go ahead and grab it?

Melvins "The Bride Screamed Murder"
The Melvins are an interesting band. It feels like they have been around just about forever and their catalog is an interesting mix of records that are completely catchy metallic fun and ones that are seemingly intentionally trying to alienate the listener. As much as I'd like to be able to, I personally have never have been able to warm up to the latter, but the former really works for me. The last couple of Melvins albums have fallen in the "fun" category, so I'm hoping this one continues that trend. I pre-ordered it from Amazon, so instead of finding out if that is the case today on the actual release date, I should know sometime next week if I'm lucky. Thanks Amazon for the prompt delivery.

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