Monday, June 14, 2010

New Old Toadies Album Coming Out Later This Year

If you go here (or simply hit play on the above embedded video), then you can see an e-card or "trailer" for the upcoming new The Toadies album which is actually a re-recording of an old Toadies album that never saw the light of day.

Here is the story: After the success of their debut album 1994's Rubberneck, (and it was most certainly a success as anybody born between at least 1970 and 1980 who was near a radio or watched MTV in 1994 knows the song "Possum Kingdom"....."I will treat you well, My sweet angel, So help me Jeeeessssuusss...") the band recorded a follow-up album entitled Feeler in 1997. The band's record label at the time, in their infinite wisdom, deemed the album unfit for release (probably the classic "don't hear a single" reasoning) and sent the band back to the studio to record another album which would eventually become 2001's(!) Hell Below/Stars Above. While this turned out to be a fantastic (and criminally overlooked) album, the general public completely ignored it because the band had been gone for 7 years and they were incorrectly considered has beens by that point. The band disappeared for another 7 years before releasing their third also excellent album, No Deliverance. Now that the band is back on people's radars (albeit not quite at the same level they were at in the '90s) and on an indie label where they have more artistic control, they have re-recorded what was originally supposed to be their sophomore effort, Feeler and are releasing it this year. I for one am very curious to hear this as 1) it is new Toadies music which I will never complain about getting and 2) it will be interesting to hear how (most likely) horribly incorrect their label at the time was for rejecting the album.

Oh, and the band thinks they might have another brand new studio album out in 2011. Nice to see them being so productive!

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