Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garcia Plays Kyuss

The fine folks at Metal Insider posted two clips of an almost reunited Kyuss playing songs from the legendary Blues For The Red Sun album this past weekend at France's Hellfest (which boasted one of the most dizzyingly impressive lineups I've ever seen for a European festival....everything from Twisted Sister, Motorhead, Kiss and Alice Cooper to Slayer and Exodus to Infectious Grooves(!) to Deftones to The Devin Townsend Project, Nevermore, Fear Factory and The Dillinger Escape Plan to the aformentioned semi-Kyuss reunion billed as "Garcia Plays Kyuss" to a reunited GODFLESH and about a million more well regarded death metal, black metal, power metal, hair metal, stoner rock, doom metal and any other genre of metal you can think of bands). The almost reunion consisted of singer John Garcia, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork. [Original guitarist Josh Homme I would assume is a bit too busy with supergroup Them Crooked Vultures and his day job, Queens of the Stone Age to be bothered with a Kyuss reunion.] Oliveri played on the first two Kyuss albums, Wretch and Blues For The Red Sun, while Brant played on both of those as well as their third album Sky Valley. Neither appeared on the fourth and final album ....And The Circus Leaves Town. Bjork is definitely the ideal choice as drummer for a reunion as he played on 3/4 of their releases and I think most hardcore Kyuss fans would be happy with either Oliveri or his replacement, legendary desert rock bassist Scott Reeder, but the crucial ingredient to any type of Kyuss reunion is John Garcia. His voice is really what set them apart (not to take anything away from the musical talent at all) and I think most fans see Garcia as the heart and soul of the band.

The audio quality is not perfect, but it is better than not seeing anything from this reunion at all. Enjoy!


"Green Machine"

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