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Monday, June 14, 2010

"We Used To Wait", But Now We're "Ready To Start"

Seattle radio station 107.7 The End is now streaming two "official" Arcade Fire singles. "Ready To Start" is the U.S. single and "We Used To Wait" is the UK single. You can hear them here. Both are from their upcoming 8/3 release entitled Suburbs. I am a huge fan of their prior two albums 2004's Funeral and 2007's Neon Bible and am looking forward greatly to this one....even more so after hearing the two new songs. Both are catchy and accessible like Arcade Fire's earlier material, but it also sounds like they've injected a little "fire" into their sound. I'm going to see them live for the first time the day after the new album is released in the U.S. (with the equally fantastic Spoon opening), so I expect to be on a major Arcade Fire kick for a big chunk of the summer if not at least for August.

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