Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take A Free Trip To El Dorado

Iron Maiden announced yesterday that their 15th studio album, The Final Frontier will be released on August 17th. They also offered up a free download of a track from the album called "El Dorado". You can get the track here or here (the first link is the UK website where you can just right click and save the MP3 and the second link is the US website where you have to sign up for a newsletter to get to the page that offers the MP3, but the same page also offers you a high quality MP3 format pre-order of the album for $7.99 if you'd like it).

I am pretty excited for a new Maiden album as I have liked every studio album they have ever released with the exception of the two albums that Blaze Bailey sang on, but in total fairness, I've never actually heard those two albums, so they could be good too for all I know. Regardless, the other 12 albums have been great with the majority of them going beyond simply being great to being exceptional and that is a pretty impressive accomplishment.

If "El Dorado" is any indication, then this album should be a scorcher. It is classic Maiden, but at the same time doesn't sound like a simple rehashing of their older material. Based on their last three studio albums, these guys still have a ton of gas left in the tank after being at it for 30 years, so I expect The Final Frontier to carry on the tradition of quality they have established.

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