Tuesday, May 25, 2010

GRAPHIC PHOTOS = Understatement

The Huffington Post put up a story about a famous Spanish matador who got gored through the throat this past Saturday. You can read the article here. They do warn that the pictures are graphic, but wow, are they ever. They almost look photoshopped because there is absolutely no blood in the photos, but it sure seems like there should be. I mean, the guy has a horn through his throat, tongue and the roof of his mouth. The video is below. Not nearly as graphic as the photos in my opinion, but it is amazing that a) the actual attack only lasts seconds and b) that he gets up and walks (runs) off right away.

The matador was in critical condition, but it now appears he will survive. The bull was of course killed for attempting to kill a human being after not being provoked at all.

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