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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday May 4, 2010 New Music

The Austerity Program "Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn"
The Austerity Program's new EP, Backsliders And Apostates Will Burn got a 10 out of 10 review in the last issue of Decibel which immediately piqued my interest in this band who I'd heard OF, but never actually HEARD. I found their previous full length, Black Madonna and other EP, Terra Nova on Amie St. for $1.84 and $00.80 respectively and immediately snatched them up. I dig both a lot and so buying their latest for $00.60 this morning was a no-brainer (it is now up to $00.72). At that price, what is the harm in checking it out this Brooklyn noise rock/punk/metal duo?

Deftones "Diamond Eyes"
I've been sitting with the Deftones' new album Diamond Eyes for about three weeks now. If you are a fan of the Deftones, then this is absolutely worth getting. If you only like White Pony or consider yourself in general to be a casual fan of the band, then this album probably isn't for you. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed that this album didn't blow me is simply another album in their catalog.

Jackyl "When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide"
Jackyl's 1992 self-titled debut came out right when hair metal was on it's way out. While they weren't really a hair metal band per se, they were unfortunately lumped in with that category and quickly forgotten about. I loved the debut album....I mean c'mon, a band that sounds like AC/DC and has chainsaw solos?!?!? What's not to love? The only other album I heard by Jackyl was their last release, Relentless which was another good slab of Brian Johnson-era AC/DC inspired rock. The new album When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide supposedly carries on that tradition, so if you aren't offended by AC/DC worshipping rock n roll bands, then you might want to check these guys out. But if you don't have the debut album, then most certainly start there instead of with the new one.

Minus The Bear "Omni"
Minus The Bear is one of those bands that I feel like I should like because people whose opinions I trust absolutely love them, but while I own two of their releases, I've never actually dug into them enough to form an honest and informed opinion. Maybe the new album Omni will be the one that finally makes me pay attention?

Mike Patton "Mondo Cane"
I'm a little upset with right now I must admit. I have been constantly linking to their MP3 downloads since I started this blog and just this past week even became an Amazon Associate. I tell anyone who will listen that they are infinitely better than iTunes and that they should buy all their MP3s from there (when the conversation is about buying music digitally at least). I downright love Amazon to be perfectly honest with you, but every once in a while they screw up. In this case, not delivering Mike Patton's new solo album Mondo Cane to me by street date was a major screw up. I pre-ordered the album on April 26th and don't see how they couldn't have gotten it out to me now. While it did ship out today (along with some remastered Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers and Rush catalog...score!), I am a little mad my ears aren't absorbing it right now. Perhaps I've gotten too spoiled by the instant gratification of purchasing MP3s and don't have the patience for waiting for physical product to show up any more? Who knows, but either way I blame Amazon for the tortuous wait to hear this new album on my stereo system. In the meantime, the album is streaming here for me and you to hear. I've already given it a listen and am very impressed. Check out the product description:

"an Italian language rock-meets orchestra hybrid. Recorded at a series of European performances including an outdoor concert in a Northern Italian piazza, this album features traditional Italian Pop songs as well as a rendition of Ennio Morricone's 'Deep Down'. Patton worked with a 30-piece orchestra and choir to create the uniquely new Mondo Cane sound."

Fans of Mike Patton are going to eat this up I'm sure and this is one record I'll be able to trick my girlfriend into playing in the apartment all the time.....

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