Monday, May 24, 2010

This F*&%$ng Video

I've stated in the past that I never actually watch new music videos all the way through anymore, but I've made a few exceptions to that rule recently. One of those exceptions is the video for "This Fucking Job" by Drive-By Truckers from their new album (and front runner for my 2010 album of the year) The Big To-Do. Below is the uncensored version which is the only one I've seen as "censored" isn't really my thing, but you can see that version here. I believe this is the first concept video the band has ever made and it is OK, but not fantastic. For one, they have dialogue and sound effects play over the actual song which is kind of annoying. They are obviously going for a mini-movie kind of feel, but it falls a little flat. There seems to be some sort of parallel universe thing going on, but with only 4 minutes to tell the story, it just doesn't work well. The main character of the video is a Deadwood alumni though (he played the preacher), so they get points for that.

Anyway, the song rules, so who cares if the video is perfect or not.

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