Monday, May 10, 2010

Do You Want The Lights On?

I had almost completely forgotten about Interpol until I saw a tweet from Pitchfork this morning mentioning that the band was giving away a new song "Lights" from their forthcoming album. You can grab the song here. On first listen it sounded good. Not amazing, but certainly far from bad. I thought their last album Our Love To Admire was incredibly boring, but the second album Antics is an amazing record and their debut Turn Out The Bright Lights is pretty good too. I'm hoping they get their momentum back on this new album and deliver on the promise that Antics showed.

Also, apparently their bass player Carlos D. has left the band and they are opening some select dates for U2 this summer. I wouldn't mind seeing them live, but they are not playing the NY/NJ date that I'm attending. As for the bass player, I don't know enough about the individuals that make up Interpol to have an informed opinion about his departure. He did record the album with them, so I suppose no one will know until the next record (if there is one) how much of an impact his departure will have on their sound.

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