Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Day Is This?

Please excuse my lack of posts since I put up my Top 25 Albums of 2009 way back on December 10, 2009, but holiday party/travel mode absolutely took over my life until the dawn of 2010. I celebrated New Year's Day by taking my girlfriend to the ER for a nasty case of food poisoning while myself dealing with a hangover and an uncontrollable attack of sneezing. Seriously, not exaggerating, I sneezed around 40 times in one day and that subsequently developed into a raging head cold that is just now (hopefully) dying a slow and painful death thanks to Sudafed and more hours indoors than I'd care to think about. Oh, and the cold combined with the Sudafed has given me insomnia most nights for the past two weeks, so I'm more or less walking around with scrambled eggs for brains. Hello 2010!!! All that being said, I am happy to report that of my two New Year's resolutions, I'm well on the way on one having lost 5 pounds on my diet already (weight loss....real original resolution right?) and WILL find a job this year to complete my second resolution of no longer collecting government cheese.

Anyhow, the above whiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeee fest (and yes, I would love some cheese with that) is just a roundabout way of explaining why I've been too busy (lazy) to update this blog in a little over a month; however, in that time away I've come across quite a few things I want to babble about at some point such as GREAT records from 2009 that I overlooked (one by a band that is rapidly becoming a new personal favorite), a shamefully stupid televison show I've become obsessed with, a book that I found to be a great read by a love 'em or hate 'em celebrity chef, the debacle that is NBC's late night programming (and programming in general) and people who are assholes. I've also got some great shows coming up in the not so distant future like The Great Misdirect Tour, a Murder City Devils reunion and everyone's favorite German thrashers Kreator with Voivod and Nachtmystium opening.

My posting will be sporadic over the next few months as January through March find me traveling a bit here and there and dealing with the joys of finding a new apartment and subsequently moving....topics I will no doubt vent about it.

So, The Governator says it best in the below clip....

Til then, I leave you with this fun Phil Collins fact:

"Like Plant's first solo album, Pictures at Eleven, the songs departed from the hard rock of Led Zeppelin. Following the strength of these albums, Plant launched a successful tour in 1983. Phil Collins was the drummer for Plant's band on this tour. Collins was content to perform in the background, despite his own enormous success as a solo artist at the time."

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