Friday, January 29, 2010

Led Danzig

Maybe it is just me, but I swear the beginning of "Bodies" by Danzig sort of rips off "How Many More Times" by Led Zeppelin. This just dawned on me today as I was walking home from the subway with my iPod on shuffle and "How Many More Times" came on and while I was busy distractedly pondering a multitude of things I needed to attend to and thought to myself "Oh cool, a Danzig song." and then of course realized after a few seconds that it was actually Led Zeppelin. Danzig certainly had that bluesy hard rock style that was popularized by Led Zeppelin, so I'm sure it is simply a case of influences unwittingly coming through in songwriting as opposed to a blatant rip off.

Or maybe I am totally off base and am the only who hears it. Either way, both bands still rule.

Here are both songs...decide for yourself:

"How Many More Times"


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