Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Metallica Fan's Remains Found

A young girl went missing from a Metallica concert last October in Charlottesville, VA and today the authorities are fairly confident they have found her remains on some farm land about 10 miles from the venue. You can read the full story here, but needless to say it is a pretty sad ending to an unhappy story. This story has been on my radar since it first broke as my mom lives in Charlottesville and it was all over the local news there and knowing I am a huge Metallica fan she told me about it right away. Any young person going missing and subsequently turning up dead is a tragedy, but this one hit a little closer to home with me as I grew up in Virginia and hearing a story about this happening in the town my mom lives in made it just a tad bit more upsetting.

Who knows what facts could emerge about this case, but Virginia is a death penalty state, so if they catch the person or persons responsible for this girl's murder and prove they are guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, then I hope they are dealt with accordingly.

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