Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Long Island...The 51st State?

Last night I journeyed to Long Island for a show and had an absolute blast people watching. From the dude in the TapouT t-shirt and the other dude in the Affliction t-shirt (still can't believe I didn't see one Ed Hardy shirt) to the 40 something rocker chicks still dressing like it was the 80's to the 250 pound 15 year old teenagers in ill-fitting death metal t-shirts it was all quite a sight to behold.

Long Island is a locale that is often teased about its stereotypes and some of its residents make those stereotypes difficult to refute (just like any other city, state or geographical region that is saddled with stereotypes) and last night on the ride home as my snobby Manhattan friends and I (that was sarcasm) joked about the Long Island locals, it reminded me of a piece The Daily Show did a few months back about Long Island wanting to secede from New York and become it's own state. This being The Daily Show, obviously this is not something that is really a true news issue, but the piece they put together is absolutely hilarious. Even if you have no concept of some of the Long Island stereotypes, the poor idiots they suckered into appearing for this piece will still have you howling with laughter.


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Long Island Wants to Secede

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