Monday, November 2, 2009

Drunk Ewoks Equal Ratings Bonanza

I am not The Today Show's target audience by a long shot (at least for their sake I hope I'm not because they are failing miserably at getting me to watch if that is the case), but perhaps if they had more segments like this, then I'd tune in more regularly because nothing says male, 18-35 demo more than drunken Ewoks humping Al Roker's leg, doing the moonwalk and grabbing vodka martinis. To his credit, Al Roker is cracking up and thinks it is hilarious (I've heard him on Howard Stern before and he actually seems like a pretty chill guy), but the female anchors (and guest) get visibly annoyed. Supposedly, midgets were hired to wear the Ewok costumes and imbibed before they went on camera. If that is true, then god bless them because this is internet video entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

It starts off slow, but right around the 2:00 mark things start getting pee your pants funny:

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