Monday, October 12, 2009

I..I..I..I..I Went To Tokyo

As 2009 winds to a close, I have started to think about what my "Best of 2009" album list is going to look like. It has been a stellar year for new releases and I'm basing that statement on just the 85 albums I've heard and liked. I cannot imagine how many more are out there that I haven't heard yet that I would probably like as well. As part of my year end list assembly, I was also making a list of the best/catchiest songs of 2009, which led me to think of one album that I've listened to a few times and enjoyed: the self-titled release by Seattle's Telekinesis! (the name is actually spelled with an exclamation point lest you think that I'm that excited about telling you about them). Telekinesis! is essentially a dude named Michael Benjamin Lerner who records in the studio and then has a backing band when he plays live. I haven't listened to the album enough to give it a proper review simply because there have been so many new releases this year that it is hard to give all of them a lot of attention, but again, the few times I've listened to it, I enjoyed it. What prompted me to buy the album in the first place was the single "Tokyo". I heard it once and was walking around singing it in my head non-stop for days. I did a quick preview of the other tracks on Amazon and decided to take a gamble and buy the whole thing. The rest of the album is good, but "Tokyo" (right now at least) is by far the stand out track. I dare you to check out the video and not get the chorus stuck in your head:

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