Thursday, October 8, 2009

Al Bundy Is Back (Sort Of)

I loved Married With Children, so when I heard Ed O'Neill who played Al Bundy on that show was returning to TV on a sitcom called Modern Family, I set my DVR. I was a bit skeptical because the show is on ABC, who haven't had a sitcom that I've paid attention to in as long as I can remember, but after seeing the first two episodes, I am hooked.

It is a mockumentary about an American family...think The Office, but about a family instead of a work place. Ed O'Neill is once again the patriarch of the family, but this time he is married to a sexy Columbian woman who is half his age and has an 11 year old son from her previous marriage. His children from a previous marriage are married with families of their own. His daughter to a husband who thinks he is a "cool" dad (which continuously results in hilarious interactions with his children) and they have two daughters (one a teenager) and a son. His son, who is gay (and is very self conscience about what kind of gay couple the public perceives he and his husband as) is married and has just adopted a baby from Vietnam with his husband (who is unabashedly, flamboyantly gay). All of the characters are hilarious and likable. This isn't a family friendly family comedy though. It is sharp, witty and liberally pokes fun at stereotypes. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling this will quickly surpass The Office, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Big Bang Theory as my favorite half hour comedy.

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