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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Flaming Lips + Cat Power + Black Sabbath = Flaming Cat Vomit

I dig The Flaming Lips. I dig Cat Power. I LOVE Black Sabbath. All three combined? Not so much. Here are The Flaming Lips doing a cover of the Sabbath classic "War Pigs" with Chan Marshall aka Cat Power:

Awful right? I mean this is The Flaming Lips, so I would expect them to do some bizarre, innovative, messed up version of the song in an attempt to make it their own, but instead they just played a straight cover and neither Wayne Coyne nor Chan Marshall's vocals are suitable for covering such a heavy, powerful song that was originally sung by one of metal's greatest vocalists, the (once) mighty Ozzy Osbourne. Terrible call on their part to even attempt this. If they had turned it into some slow, ambient, spaced out rocker, then it could have been cool...maybe. I bet a bunch of dufus hipsters think this is terrific though (yes, I'm being a metal snob and I don't care).

Now if you want to hear "War Pigs" covered correctly, then check out Faith No More doing it properly:

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