Friday, August 21, 2009

Rockin' Out: Bouncing Souls @ Webster Hall 08/20/09

Terrible Blackberry camera shot, but a great show. The Bouncing Souls played the first of two nights at Webster Hall last night with openers None More Black and Lifetime. I missed both openers by opting to eat dinner and grab some drinks beforehand, but was OK with that decision. I love the None More Black album "This Is Satire", but I figure they'll be back and I can catch them then. Lifetime I had already seen once before (coincidentally opening for The Bouncing Souls at Webster Hall) and wasn't fired up enough about that performance to have a strong desire to see them again.

Webster Hall is apparently attempting to save money on their ConEd bill because it was hotter than Hades inside....the air literally felt like it could be cut with a knife. Then again, sweating and punk rock shows pretty much go hand in hand, so everyone seemed to be dealing with it. I've lost track of how many times I've seen The Bouncing Souls live, but none of those times was a disappointment. They can always be counted on to put on a great show with plenty of crowd favorites and lots of sing alongs. My personal favorites from last night were "Old School", "Quick Chek Girl", "The Gold Song" and "The Ballad Of Johnny X", but the whole set was solid. The guy crowd surfing in his wheelchair multiple times was also pretty cool to see. This was my girlfriend's first punk rock show and seeing her point at the stage and yell "Oh my God, there are people jumping off the stage!" with a spark in her eye and a huge smile on her face was pretty great. It's nice to see something again for the first time through someone else's eyes.

In closing, The Bouncing Souls delivered the goods as usual and I know all my friends seeing them tonight will not be disappointed. Hopefully they won't go out afterward and drink too much beer like I did, but they probably will.

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