Monday, April 5, 2010

Forget The Suffering, What's Beyond The Two Minute Mark?

Just a little while ago I got an email from Metal Blade Records regarding As I Lay Dying's upcoming new album The Powerless Rise. When I get newsletter emails from labels and/or bands I usually skim through them looking for the important links to click on to get to the information I'll want to see and don't pay much attention to the little details. From my skimming I surmised that AILD had a new song up on their Myspace page, so I clicked the link to listen to the song. I'm a big fan of their albums Frail Words Collapse, Shadows Are Security and An Ocean Between Us (although the last one took some getting used to), so I was excited to hear new music from them. As "Beyond Our Suffering" was cruising along I noticed that it faded out pretty quickly and abruptly. I looked at the Myspace page, noticed that the song length was 2 minutes and thought maybe it was just a short song, but the ending just didn't sound right. I then went back and reread the newsletter and realized that it said that "70% of the track is available".

Really? What's the point of that? Give us the WHOLE song.
Heck, they should be giving the track away for free. In this day and age people do not get excited about song snippets. I'm sure the band and the label have their reasons for only streaming part of the song, but my guess is those reasons aren't anything that your average AILD would give a shit about or agree with.

I'm going to go ahead and enjoy 100% of a few of their older songs while waiting for the other 30% of the new song to become available:


"94 Hours"


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