Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top Chef Season 4

I'm not much for reality television, but I decided to watch the third season of Top Chef last year and was instantly hooked. The fourth season is going to wrap up next week and I think it will be a good battle between Richard and Stephanie to be named Top Chef. I didn't forget that Lisa is competing as well...I just don't possibly see how she could be a threat at all. That being said, I swear on a stack of holy bibles that I will not watch the fifth season if Lisa wins. I understand that the editors of reality shows use creative editing to portray certain people as the "bad guy", but I get the distinct impression that Lisa is actually a genuinely annoying person. You can see it in the other contestants' faces when they have to deal with her. I actually yell at the television when they have her mini-interviews where she is complaining about something...seriously, I yell at the TV like I am watching my beloved Washington Redskins throw an interception to the Giants or Cowboys. But more importantly for a show like this, none of her food has looked exceptionally good.

My prediction for next week's winner is Stephanie.

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