Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Go To Nebraska To Find Mr. Bulbous With Faith Hope Love

As of late I have been on a huge King's X kick. I've owned Gretchen Goes To Nebraska and Faith Hope Love for many years and enjoy them, but about two months ago really started to dig deeper into their catalog. This may or may not be related to my current obsession with another power trio known as Rush, but before I get off track, let's get back to King's X. I started off with their debut album Out Of The Silent Planet (which at the time of my purchase was maddeningly only available in MP3 format on iTunes...nothing irks me more than paying their higher prices and then getting charged sales tax on top of that) and then moved on to their self-titled fourth album. The first album is great just like the two that followed it, but I was struck by how many songs from the self-titled that I actually remembered from the early 90's when it was released. "Lost In Germany" and "Black Flag" are particular stand outs, but the whole album is pretty great.

I've since gone on to pick up Dogman, Tape Head and Please Come Home...Mr. Bulbous from their catalog which leaves me missing only 5 of their 12 studio albums. What I'm finding with King's X is that they are one of those bands who might have a few misses in their catalog, but overall they are a band who I want to hear all of their recorded work because I will at least like it a little bit. They are often heralded by rock crticis as a phenomenal band that is criminally underrated. I will certainly agree that they are a phenomenal band, but I can also see how their music has never quite reached the masses. Back when they first debuted and were receiving the most attention, they simply weren't metal enough for the metal crowd and weren't mainstream enough for audiences who eat up whatever is played on rock radio. They seem to have done alright with their niche though and people I know who love King's X are diehard fans. While I'm not quite diehard, with a few more spins of these records, I think I'll just about be there.

"Over My Head"

"Black Flag"

"It's Love"

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